ArtiQ.QC combines the visual experience of skilled technicians and ATS/ERS quantitative rules in automating the critical phase of spirometry quality control.

by ArtiQ Jun 15, 2020

Neural Networks to standardize spirometric manoeuvre acceptability and usability.

by ArtiQ Jun 3, 2020

ArtiQ in Artsenkrant.

by ArtiQ Apr 22, 2020

ArtiQ, a KU Leuven spin-off company which helps doctors diagnose, treat and monitor respiratory problems, announces that it has successfully concluded its seed financing round, raising € 1 million euro. The financing will be used to launch ArtiQ|PFT, a decision support tool that offers pulmonologists a fast, reliable and standardized evaluation of a patient’s lung function.

by ArtiQ Jun 18, 2019

A study investigating locally interpretable model-agnostic explanation (LIME) to explain the predictions of ArtiQ.PFT’s diagnostic probability.

by ArtiQ Mar 8, 2019

The ArtiQ.PFT software perfectly matched the PFT pattern interpretations (100%) and assigned a correct diagnosis in 82% of all 1500 cases.

by ArtiQ Feb 14, 2019