ArtiQ.PFT: AI-powered decision support for the diagnosis of lung diseases: does it help the pulmonologist to be more accurate?

by Client Oct 5, 2022

Pulmonologists collaborate with explainable artificial intelligence for improved diagnostic interpretation of pulmonary function tests.

by Client Sep 15, 2022

Early detection of interstitial lung disease using artificial intelligence powered spirometry.

by Client Sep 15, 2022

Doctor-AI Teamwork is the Future: an Example from Respiratory Medicine.

by Client Jun 5, 2022

Can AI help in detecting respiratory diseases with incomplete lung function data?

by Client Sep 2, 2021

ArtiQ, a KU Leuven spin-off company which helps doctors diagnose, treat and monitor respiratory problems, announces that it has successfully concluded its seed financing round, raising € 1 million euro. The financing will be used to launch ArtiQ|PFT, a decision support tool that offers pulmonologists a fast, reliable and standardized evaluation of a patient’s lung function.

by Client Jun 18, 2019

Explaining predictions of an automated pulmonary function test interpretation algorithm

by Client Mar 8, 2019

Artificial intelligence outperforms pulmonologists in the interpretation of pulmonary function tests

by Client Feb 14, 2019