ArtiQ.PFT provides a cloud-based integration into your clinical workflow. This allows you to get the artificial intelligence support immediately at the same location as your PFT results.

Anonymized data can be exchanged directly between ArtiQ and your PFT equipment or electronic patient record. The ArtiQ technology is independent of the PFT measuring equipment at your center.

Spend your time wisely

Spend your time as a specialist on clinical decision making and patient consultation, not on PFT reporting.

Boost your consistency

Every report at your center or group of centers has the same structure and level of detail. Always in line with the latest international guidelines.

Early and accurate diagnosis

Leverage the power of AI to predict probabilities of disease presence to support an optimal diagnostic pathway.

Take next steps confidently

Way your options for next steps in the diagnostic process with confidence.

The ArtiQ.PFT technology is validated in numerous studies in collaboration with various leaders and experts in the respiratory space.

For more scientific work on the ArtiQ.PFT technology, please visit our evidence page.


I am convinced that ArtiQ.PFT is of utmost importance for the interpretation of pulmonary function in clinical practice as it gives a percentage value for different possible pathologies. It is better than the standard quick look of the pulmonologist and may save time.

Prof. Dr. Geert Verleden

Head of the Department of Respiratory Diseases, University Hospital Leuven

Getting to the right treatment plan as soon as possible is critical for patients, and this technology helps clinicians reduce redundant testing and get people the care they need faster. ArtiQ.PFT can help minimize time lost due to misdiagnosis, the ramifications of which are significant, particularly as we look ahead to a potential increase of individuals with long-term lung damage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Michael Pedro

VP, Medical Director, Vyaire Medical

PFTs provide extensive numerical outputs, and their patterns need to be interpreted within a clinical context to come to a diagnosis. ArtiQ.PFT serves as a second opinion for us. The software is particularly helpful in recognizing rare but specific patterns.

Prof. Dr. Wim Janssens

Adjunct Head of Department of Respiratory Diseases, University Hospital Leuven

This partnership subscribes to our vision and mission to bring innovation to the Healthcare community. Embracing clinical and technological solutions like ArtiQ.PFT AI will enhance quality in care and help patient outcomes in particular.

André Morias

General Manager, Acertys

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    Certification & Standards
    ArtiQ.PFT is CE certified as a Class IIa medical device and is developed taking into account latest guidelines and standards.