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This analysis aimed to determine whether the quality of a patient’s onsite spirometry could predict the quality of their home spirometry.

by ArtiQ Mai 30, 2024

This study aims to assess the accuracy of general practitioners in diagnosing respiratory diseases based on clinical examination only and with AI-supported spirometry.

by ArtiQ Mai 29, 2024

Accurate FVC measurements are essential for correct interpretation of spirometry. The updated ATS/ERS-technical standards for spirometry require at least one of three EOFE criteria to be met.

by ArtiQ Mai 29, 2024

The Academy for Healthcare Science hosted a « AI in Physiological Sciences » webinar, as part of the AHCS Webinar Series on scientific leadership in artificial intelligence.

by ArtiQ Mai 6, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that ArtiQ has been acquired by Clario, a leading healthcare research and technology company renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to clinical evidence generation.

by ArtiQ Avr 2, 2024

We are happy to announce our partnership with AstraZeneca, reflecting our shared dedication to advancing research on respiratory conditions and enhancing the quality of life for individuals with lung diseases.

by ArtiQ Fév 26, 2024

This study shows that AI-based decision support on PFT interpretation improves accurate and early ILD diagnosis.

by ArtiQ Déc 26, 2023

This study investigates the speed at which an expert can perform PFT interpretations.

by ArtiQ Déc 26, 2023

This study investigates how the recently published ERS/ATS guidelines for lung function interpretation (Stanojevic 2021) affect patient classification compared to the previous document (Pellegrino 2005).

by ArtiQ Déc 26, 2023

In this study, we are investigating the impact of instant feedback provided by an AI algorithm (ArtiQ.QC) on the quality of home spirometry.

by ArtiQ Déc 26, 2023

This study explores the value and reliability of artificial intelligence (AI) based quality control software (ArtiQ.QC) to assess spirometry quality in clinical trials using the 2019 ATS/ERS guidelines. 

by ArtiQ Déc 26, 2023

AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical leader, has embarked on a transformative journey in clinical trials by integrating digital health solutions.

by ArtiQ Août 30, 2023

ArtiQ and AstraZeneca Belgium hosted Smart Spirometry webinar which explored the crucial role of spirometry in primary care, the impact of AI on workflow, and the potential for more accurate COPD diagnosis in high-risk patients.

by ArtiQ Juin 15, 2023

Clario integrates AI into clinical trial data collection for spirometry with new partnership with ArtiQ 

by ArtiQ Mar 1, 2023

This study explores perspectives on spirometry provision in primary care, and the potential for AI decision-support software to aid quality and interpretation.

by ArtiQ Fév 21, 2023

By focusing on a population at risk of COPD without a formal diagnosis, we study how ArtiQ.Spiro can support general practitioners (GPs) in diagnosing COPD.

by ArtiQ Fév 21, 2023

This study gives insights into the prevailing ideas of Belgian GPs about the spirometry and identifies barriers and facilitators for its use in primary care.

by ArtiQ Fév 21, 2023

This study evaluates the ability of AI to diagnose respiratory diseases in primary care on a representative dataset (UK Biobank, UKBB) using spirometry. 

by ArtiQ Fév 21, 2023

Artificiële Intelligentie helpt huisartsen longziekten opsporen

by ArtiQ Fév 8, 2023

ArtiQ ranked in the CB Insights’ 2022 ‘Digital Health 150’ List

by ArtiQ Déc 13, 2022