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AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical leader, has embarked on a transformative journey in clinical trials by integrating digital health solutions.

by ArtiQ Août 30, 2023

ArtiQ and AstraZeneca Belgium hosted Smart Spirometry webinar which explored the crucial role of spirometry in primary care, the impact of AI on workflow, and the potential for more accurate COPD diagnosis in high-risk patients.

by ArtiQ Juin 15, 2023

Clario integrates AI into clinical trial data collection for spirometry with new partnership with ArtiQ 

by ArtiQ Mar 1, 2023

Artificiële Intelligentie helpt huisartsen longziekten opsporen

by ArtiQ Fév 8, 2023

ArtiQ ranked in the CB Insights’ 2022 ‘Digital Health 150’ List

by ArtiQ Déc 13, 2022

NuvoAir Partners with ArtiQ to Provide AI-Based Over-Reading of Spirometry to Improve Efficiency of Clinical Trials

by ArtiQ Oct 26, 2022

This study with 19 pulmonologists and 60 retrospective cases shows an improvement in diagnostic accuracy of the primary diagnosis from 44% to 63%.

by ArtiQ Oct 5, 2022

This study where 78 pulmonologists collaborated with ArtiQ.PFT on 24 PFT cases shows an increase in diagnostic accuracy of up to 10%.

by ArtiQ Sep 15, 2022

ArtiQ.PFT detected ILD in 27% of subjects, 3.8±2.1 years prior to ILD diagnosis through standard care.

by ArtiQ Sep 15, 2022

Over-reading spirometry data from the Chinese population to improve data quality in GLI-research.

by ArtiQ Sep 15, 2022

How much do spirometry experts agree with each other… and with themselves?

by ArtiQ Sep 15, 2022

One year ago ArtiQ was announced as one of the 38 organizations to receive funding following a successful application in the latest round of the Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award. One year later we give you an update on the current advancements.

by ArtiQ Juin 21, 2022

Over the last year ArtiQ welcomed several interns.  As their time with us comes to an end we would like to reflect on their experiences and what it meant for them to be an intern at ArtiQ.

by ArtiQ Juin 17, 2022

This study where 16 pulmonologists collaborated with ArtiQ.PFT on 24 PFT cases shows an increase in diagnostic accuracy of up to 20%.

by ArtiQ Juin 5, 2022

ArtiQ and patientMpower join forces to provide the best quality home spirometry to patients and healthcare professionals

by ArtiQ Mai 11, 2022

Boehringer Ingelheim and ArtiQ join forces to help bring specialist-level expertise to all levels of care.

by ArtiQ Mar 3, 2022

ArtiQ presented at the International Respiratory Summit at the EXPO 2020.

by ArtiQ Nov 19, 2021

Spirometry data from preschool children and healthy adults, evaluated by ArtiQ.QC.

by ArtiQ Sep 2, 2021

AI detect respiratory diseases even when PFTs did not include plethysmography data.

by ArtiQ Sep 2, 2021

ArtiQ.QC over-reading & manual over-reading: are the results comparable? And with whom do experts agree more?

by ArtiQ Sep 2, 2021