ArtiQ.Spiro offers feedback on the quality of spirometry sessions and assists in interpreting spirometry data following international guidelines. ArtiQ.Spiro provides a cloud-based integration into your spirometry workflow. This allows to get the Artificial Intelligence results immediately at the same location as your spirometry results.

Anonymized data can be exchanged directly between ArtiQ and your spirometry software. The ArtiQ core technology is independent of the spirometry equipment and user-friendly integrations are available with several spirometry brands.

High quality

Use the ArtiQ technology to help ensure that all spirometry data used for clinical decision making is of high quality in line with the latest international guidelines.

Boost your

Every report has the same structure and level of detail, in line with the latest international guidelines.

Early and accurate

Leverage the power of AI to predict probabilities of disease presence to support an optimal diagnostic pathway.

Take next steps

Way your options for next steps in the diagnostic process with confidence.

Find more validations and relevant scientific publications here.


Early identification and diagnosis of patients with COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases by spirometry is of utmost importance in the care pathway. Through the AISAH-COPD project, AstraZeneca and ArtiQ, have shown that ArtiQ.Spiro was useful for both quality assessment and diagnostic support in primary care. In addition, the use of AI led to the identification of undiagnosed COPD patients. I am convinced that the systematic use of ArtiQ.Spiro in primary care can increase the use of spirometry and may help to resolve the underdiagnosis of COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases.

Vincent Vanheule,

Medical Affairs Manager at AstraZeneca

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    Certification & Standards
    ArtiQ.Spiro has been CE certified as “ArtiQ.PFT” as a Class IIa medical device and is developed taking into account latest guidelines and standards