Make timely and informed decisions on spirometry quality, through the power of AI. ArtiQ.QC has been validated to be at least as accurate as human over-readers.

Make timely and informed decisions on spirometry quality. Unleash the potential of spirometry AI to deliver reliable outcomes.

ArtiQ.QC is integrated in the existing clinical trials platforms in the market today. Following a spirometry measurement in the platform of your choice, ArtiQ.QC instantly analyzes the data and sends back the AI-based over-reading results.

Study sites and participants receive feedback on the quality of their data, which allows them to improve instantly if needed. Both in-clinic spirometry & at-home spirometry can now receive instant AI-based over-reading, thanks to ArtiQ.QC.


Faster turn-around time to complete quality control (QC) and evaluation of spirometry endpoints.

Reduced Cost

Immediate results with reduced subject burden as another effort can be done while subjects are still at the site.

Reduction in Time

High-quality data collection with potential reduction in sample size or study duration.


Reduced inter- and intra-rater variability when assessing spirometry quality.

In a validation study sponsored by Chiesi, a large dataset from 2 clinical trials was analyzed by both human over-reading and AI over-reading through ArtiQ.QC. There was an excellent agreement between human over-reading & AI (95% for FEV1 and 91% for FVC).

But, in case of disagreement, who was right? 3 guideline experts were invited to independently review the curves. Their agreement with AI over-reading was higher than their agreement with manual over-reading. This shows that even in difficult situations, ArtiQ.QC is faster, more consistent and more reliable.

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How can I use ArtiQ.QC?

I have a new study and I want to have real-time ArtiQ.QC over-reading…

ArtiQ.QC is integrated with multiple clinical trial platforms. Through these integrations, your spirometry data can be over-read instantly.

I have data from an ongoing / closed study, and I want to check the spirometry data quality…

ArtiQ.QC can retrospectively check your spirometry data quality. Contact us to find out how we can collaborate!


High-quality spirometry data is instrumental in respiratory research. ArtiQ.QC offers a reliable and complete evaluation of spirometry curves. The software can contribute to more successful respiratory clinical trials and increased reliability and enhanced validity of epidemiological studies where spirometry data is collected.

Dr. Sanja Stanojevic

Epidemiologist, Dalhousie University, Canada / Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI)

Through the Ai4SPIRO project, Chiesi and ArtiQ have proven that Artificial Intelligence can assess spirometry quality with high accuracy offering an alternative approach or assistance to over-reading. By providing immediate and consistent results, ArtiQ.QC may bring benefits to clinical trial conduct and reduce the variability in respiratory outcomes.

Isabella Montagna

Clinical Digital Leader, Chiesi Group

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    Certification & Standards
    ArtiQ.QC is developed taking into account latest guidelines and standards. ArtiQ is an ISO 13485 certified company.