Leuven, Belgium, Friday, April 16th, 2021 – ArtiQ, a KU Leuven spin-off, announces an expansion of its product portfolio to improve the quality of spirometry. As well as becoming the trusted Artificial Intelligence provider for pulmonary function testing in clinics, with the hire of Hogne Ulla as Business Development manager, ArtiQ aims to partner with pharmaceutical companies and CROs by bringing spirometry AI to the global clinical trials market.

I am extremely excited to be joining the ArtiQ team. ArtiQ.QC can be a real game-changer in respiratory clinical trials. While not only improving the quality of spirometry data, ArtiQ.QC could lead to significant cost-savings and allow for more efficient and effective trials to the benefits of patients, payors and industry,’’ says Hogne Ulla, ArtiQ’s newly appointed Business Development Manager.

Hogne Ulla - Photo credit: Tim VervoortIn most respiratory trials, both primary and secondary endpoints are based on spirometry. A good quality manoeuvre is critical to ensure reproducible results. Therefore, experts manually review each spirometry session on both quantitative and qualitative quality criteria. Like any manual process this quality review is expensive, time-consuming and prone to variability.

‘’ArtiQ.QC not only automatically provides manoeuvre quality feedback in real-time, it does this accurately and consistently in line with the latest international guidelines. On the spot feedback allows trial sites to redo measurements while the subject is still available. The latter alone can dramatically reduce dropout rates,’’ Hogne Ulla continues.

The AI-based quality assurance algorithm supports a consistent interpretation on manoeuvre acceptability and minimises inter-technician variability. ArtiQ.QC has been developed based on the latest American Thoracic Society (ATS) and European Respiratory Society (ERS) 2019 technical guidelines.

‘’Hogne has a proven track-record from successfully introducing healthcare AI through companies such as icometrix, Epihunter and EarlyTracks. He also has led efforts to scale such solutions globally. With Hogne onboard, we are now accelerating our efforts in bringing ArtiQ.QC to the global clinical trials market, whether spirometry is performed in the clinics or as part of decentralised trials,’’ says Marko Topalovic, ArtiQ co-founder and CEO.

About ArtiQ.QC

ArtiQ.QC is an AI-based software that provides automated quality control of spirometry curves and sessions for clinical trials. It allows for immediate feedback in line with the latest ATS/ERS guidelines on both a quantitative and curve shape level. The AI based quality assurance algorithm provides a consistent interpretation on manoeuvre acceptability and minimizes inter-technician variability.

About ArtiQ

ArtiQ is a young, dynamic, and innovative spin-off company of the University of Leuven (Belgium). The company was founded in early 2019 by four committed founders with an extensive history in respiratory medicine, medical devices, and artificial intelligence. ArtiQ’s mission is to empower medical professionals with artificial intelligence to accurately and timely diagnose, treat and follow-up patients with lung diseases.

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