We are happy to announce that ArtiQ has been featured in Artsenkrant. A few weeks ago, we had a chat with them about our product ArtiQ.PFT. The article they wrote about our software appeared in the edition of March 6th, right before the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The software uses AI to detect nine of the most frequent lung diseases based on PFTs data. ArtiQ.PFT only needs a few seconds to analyse the data, before providing an automated report of the probabilities of disease presence, meaning pulmonologists don’t have to spend time on report writing. Moreover, the automated reports are in compliance with the latest international guidelines.”

“The software doesn’t replace doctors, but rather supports them in coming to a final diagnosis faster, with fewer additional tests.”

“ArtiQ is currently focussing on Europe, but wishes to expand its market to the United States, Canada and Australia in the coming years.”

You can read the whole article on Artsenkrant (only accessible to Artsenkrant subscribers): https://www.artsenkrant.com/magazine/computer-says-no-rmal-pft/article-normal-45171.html

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