What is ArtiQ.PFT ?

The ArtiQ.PFT software automates the interpretation of pulmonary function tests (PFTs). The automated protocol reduces the administrative burden and allows pulmonologists to focus on clinical decision making and patient consult. ArtiQ.PFT uses artificial intelligence to support detection of disease patterns early on in the diagnostic process and thus holds the potential to reduce redundant testing.

ArtiQ.PFT is a CE class IIa medical device.

ai automated interpretation pfts

compatible with your tools

ai automated interpretation pfts

Compatible with your tools through our API, independent of your choice of PFT equipment, software or EHR system.

Why ArtiQ.PFT ?

The interpretation of pulmonary function tests (PFTs) is an everyday task for pulmonologists and is often associated with some challenges as it can be: time-consuming, expert dependant, highly variable and not specific for diagnosis.

That is why ArtiQ.PFT:

  • supports pulmonologists to spend more time with patients instead of writing reports.
  • provides clinicians with the expertise of a second opinion for each interpretation.
  • ensures each report is consistent and of the highest quality.
  • leverages the power of AI to support recognition of disease patterns early on in the diagnostic process.

“In the past, a large amount of data was collected from pulmonary function tests. We had to interpret this data and recognise patterns to come to a diagnosis. The biggest advantage now is that computers are doing it automatically. The software instantaneously makes a protocol and gives probabilities of disease presence.”

Wim Janssens, Adjunct head of the department of Respiratory Diseases.

How does ArtiQ.PFT work ?

ai automated interpretation pfts

Based on PFT data (spirometry, airways resistance, lung volumes and diffusion capacity) and patient characteristics (age, pack-years, sex, height…), an automated report is generated in less than 1 second.

Each report contains three key components : PFT protocol, disease probabilities, recommended further steps.

  • 1. PFT protocol: automated interpretation of the lung function according to international guidelines. It describes the patterns of abnormalities and signs of physiological dysfunctions.
  • 2. Disease probabilities: the core intelligence of the software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate probabilities of disease presence to help reach the final diagnosis faster.
  • 3. Recommended further steps: recommendations for the appropriate next steps that can be taken with the patient for diagnostic optimization.

Fully integrated in your clinical workflow

ArtiQ.PFT  makes your workflow more streamlined, so not one extra click is required. The ArtiQ.PFT report is automatically and instantaneously placed exactly where you want it.

Thanks to our cloud-based technology, ArtiQ.PFT can be fully integrated with your PFT equipment or electronic patient record (EPR) system.

Validation study

The algorithms of ArtiQ.PFT have been validated in a European multi-center study published in the European Respiratory Journal. The study investigated if artificial intelligence is accurate enough to provide a second opinion that is helpful for pulmonologists.

Therefore, 120 pulmonologists from 16 European hospitals evaluated 50 cases based on pulmonary function test results and some basic clinical information, resulting in 6000 independent interpretations. The AI software examined the same data.

When asked for the most probable diagnosis, the AI software recognized the disease pattern correctly in 82% of the cases, compared to 45% on average by the pulmonologists.

Read our article to learn more.

Disease Pattern Recognized
ArtiQ.PFT 82%
Pulmonologists 45%

Do you want to see some example cases (easy and more complex)? Or do you want to know how well you recognize disease patterns in PFT results from our validation study? Test you PFT interpretation power.

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ai automated interpretation pfts

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